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Vaidic Srijan LLP is an Indian Startup, working on various aspects of Vaidic Indian Science to develops solutions for the modern days problems. One Such solution is "Cownomics® Technology", which is invented by Vaidic Srijan for "Resurrection of Native Ecology of Waterbodies and Wetlands" enabling them to "consume & digest" incoming contaminants, instead of the conventional approach of "segregation & collection". This is an "IN-SITU" process, with no interference with the limnology, neither it uses and machines / hydrocarbons / chemicals / microbes etc.
A 100% nature-based solution (NBS) that used botanical / herbal extracts of some plants, which are carefully selected after the detailed study of the Waterbody.

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Cownomics® Technology for IN-SITU rejuvenation of the Waterbodies & Wetlands

It's a service, not a product. Waterbodies / Wetlands are studied in details, a herbal extract is made after the study, this extract is called "Cownomics® Concentrate", this concentrate is shipped at the location, wherein it is amalgamated with fresh Water from the same agro-climatic zone, and this homogenous mix is poured in the Waterbody at sunrise time in the morning. during the day, in presence of sunlight the resurrection process starts.
The treatment is divided in three phases - Resurrection (3 months), Restoration (3 months) and Rejuvenation (6 months) - after this 1 year of treatment, Waterbody is taken back to it native conditions.

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