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ENROLL CZ Ltd has has been on the market since 1991. Its one division develops and produces manufacturing devices for the production of blown-in thermal insulation from short textile waste fibres and blowing application devices. Its second division produces thermal and acoustic ecological insulations.

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Processing of short textile fibre waste - manufacturing device CELL-TECH 1000 for blown-in thermal and acoustic insulation from short textile fibre waste is designed for the production of cheap and quality insulation of buildings.

ENROLL CZ Ltd has developed and offers a manufacturing device for the production of blown-in thermal and acoustic insulation from very short textile fibre waste which is no longer processable, therefore it is disposed of in the landfills.

ENROLL CZ offers collaboration to:

- government institutions searching for the solution of short fibre textile waste
- big textile companies searching for the solution of recycling short fibre textile waste
- construction companies searching for possibilities of cheap insulation of buildings
- recycling companies

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