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IngSoft develops and markets an advanced software-based Energy Management Solution that allso includes environmental and climate management. It aims at digitalising energy management processes and allows organisations in public and private sectors to gain insights into their various energy consumptions in oder to reduce consumption and increase their overall energy efficiency in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. Jumpstart your energy efficiency improvements today and get ISO 50001 certified!

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Technology Requirement

We do not yet have sufficient insights into what technology support we will need in India. A few pilot projects are likely to reveal items that need addressing to account for country and even state-secific requirements. Under all circumstances, if a technology partner will be needed, we require that partner to be certified Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner and also capable of using other programming frameworks.

Opportunity Description

We seek to partner with consultancies for either using our solution bythemselves and / or in their client businesses. Potential partnering consultants with a well established presence in India or any of its State who wish to extend their revenue streams by offering energy, climate and environemental management services to their clients will be given favourable initial conditions. IngSoft provides training in configuring and using the software and is flexible to match indian market characteristics. Contractual details on discount pricing will be discussed upon parties showing a firm interest. We seek at least one partnering consultancy in each Indian State and a minimum of five partnering consultancies in total in India.

IngSoft InterWatt

Advanced Solution for software-based Energy and Climate Management for Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emission improvements as well as environmental and climate management for any organisation in public and private sectors and for energy consulting businesses and their clients.
With IngSoft InterWatt, certification according to ISO 50001 or an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1 is easily achieved.

With IngSoft InterWatt, environmentally relevant (raw) materials such as waste, water and waste water amongst others can be recorded, balanced and evaluated. In addition, the software can help to record or compute emissions per building, organisation, unit of product or service and energy consumption area amongst others.

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