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1. Processing and Value addition of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) - Shelling /decorticating, oil/pulp extraction, processing of medicinal plants, dyes, mechanical grinding, manufacture of containers and ropes, Sustainable packaging, upcycling technologies, product development, technologies to add nutritional value, and deriving uses for medicinal purposes

2. Bamboo processing - Bamboo cultivation processing tools and technologies, bamboo stripping, de-fibering, efficient drying technologies, shoot processing, hot and cold pressing, etc.
Agro-forestry Tree monitoring technologies, native seed dispersion, and development technologies, forest management solutions, tools for harvesting and tree plantation, alley cropping, fauna based,

3. Agri silviculture, Forest fire detection technologies, etc.

4. Crop Management- Grain processing technologies, crop protection technologies, soil monitoring/testing, farming tools, sustainable fertilizers, harvesting and planting tool and techniques, disease prevention, harvest management, crop residue management etc.

5. Market linkages and supply chain - Technologies for Sustainability & traceability certifications, effective procurement, Logistics and warehousing, quality control, inventory management, demand planning solutions, E-commerce platforms - Market linkages from local to international level, Market place technologies for better information, trading, market pricing, etc

6. Energy, Healthcare, and communications - Distributed energy – (mini/microgrids, renewable energy, solar pumps), Environmental technologies (for clean cooking, water, sanitation, waste management) Communication and telecom technologies (cell tower signal boosters to improve connectivity)

Opportunity Description

Opportunity to deploy technologies for improved landscape restoration, agro-forestry practices, and sustainable development to better the livelihoods of rural communities in India for the Central Highlands Restoration Project (CHiRP). This project is being piloted in Kabirdham District of Chhattisgarh State to restore the landscape in the region and helping the local stakeholders to elevate the agro- forestry sector and to improve their local economy. We are seeking to attract innovative technologies to enhance the productivity and livelihoods of the local stakeholders, resulting in socio-economic development and ecosystem restoration.

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