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Technology Requirement

Type of Innovation - The Solution must be a physical product, a technology, an industrial process, or a service;
Commercialization - The Solution must be already commercialized or aimed for commercialization;
Maturity Stage - The Solution must have reached the technical maturity of a prototype at scale 1:1 in a test environment (TRL 6 - 7);
SDG’s of Application - The Solution must contribute to the achievement of at least one of the identified SDGs (6,7,9,11 and/or 12).

Opportunity Description

Access to market (match-making, corporate challenges, etc)
Access to capital (pitching events in front of 50-100 investors each month)
Contribution to environmental advocacy (Founder Bertrand Piccard is the Advisor to the Vice President of the European Commission)
Feedback from industry experts (pool of 400 experts, including from large corporates)
Credibility (third-party certification label validating your technical feasibility, environmental impact and profitability)
Visibility (our website brings 2,2 millions sessions per year and the number is growing + media and social media visibility)

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