Apply to the Innovation Call

Date of Posted

March 03, 2022

Date of Submission

June 30, 2022



Embassy of Lithuania to India & GBI


Lithuania India Helpdesk - Call to Lithuania and India Start-ups and SMEs for Hands-on Support for Internationalization


Lithuania India Helpdesk is an initiative of the Embassy of Lithuania to India to support SMEs/start-ups from Lithuania and India access the Indian and Lithuanian markets respectively. We aim to connect start-ups from Lithuania and India and provide continuous and consistent support to SMEs/start-ups for internationalization. The Help Desk aims to become a one-stop centre for all inquiries in the context of expanding the SMEs/start-up in Lithuania or India. Our experts will guide start-ups with valuable information and relevant networking opportunities. This service is free of charge to Lithuanian and Indian start-ups to make generic inquiries about the target markets.

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