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Date of Posted

September 13, 2017

Date of Submission

September 24, 2017



KP EDEN and IKP Knowledge Park


IKP Accelerator - Fall 2017 - Medical Technologies


Having worked with over 200 startups (through funding or physical incubation) in the past 10 years, IKP has a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by medical devices startups. Companies such as Consure, Mitra Biotech, Remidio, Windmill Health, have received funding from IKP Knowledge Park or IKP Investment Management Company. Laurus Labs incubated at IKP in 2007, went public in December 2016. Funding, mentorship, advisory support, infrastructure and a vibrant community are essential to quick success of a medical device startup. The IKP Accelerator, Medical Technologies - Fall 2017 program is an initiative to encourage and nurture medical technology innovations.

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