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July 20, 2017

Date of Submission

July 31, 2017



Prospect Silicon Valley


Searching for Microgrid Solutions/ Distrubuted Energy Rescources for Whole Foods Market


Are you working with any startups that are developing microgrid solutions or distributed energy resources (DER)? If so, here is a great opportunity to have their solutions considered for deployment in a Whole Foods Market product distribution center in the San Francisco Bay Area. This will be a highly visible demonstration project with potential follow-on deployment opportunities. ProspectSV is looking for innovative energy solutions for microgrid infrastructure technologies, DERs and building level systems. Below is a summary of technology types we are seeking. Microgrid infrastructure (primary emphasis): · Preferred platforms and products will provide simplified (ideally off-the-shelf) integration between existing & new DERs, the Building Management Systems (BMS), and grid signals using recognized industry protocols for communication and security. · Overall goal of this system will also provide analytics/controls/intelligence for: o operational resiliency through grid islanding/reconnection, relaying and protection, and power quality corrections o direct financial benefits of demand forecasting, electric rate optimization, and scheduling o grid-level services such as voltage and frequency regulation Distributed Energy Resources (secondary emphasis) such as: · On-site generation (excluding PV panels) · On-site electricity storage · Thermal storage technologies – especially related to refrigeration Building-level systems (tertiary emphasis) such as: · DC-side building technologies · Energy Efficiency technologies – especially related to refrigeration Interested applicants may download the Request for Information (RFI) here and may submit their responses on this form. About the Project This project will design and deploy a microgrid to enable operational resiliency and provide behind-the-meter financial benefits to Whole Foods in reduced energy costs (demand curtailment and energy reduction) and other grid-related services. Promising candidates will be introduced to the team and will be given an opportunity to make their case for inclusion in a project. More information about the project and the review process is in this Call for Innovators overview document (please download to view the application).

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