HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Café) and Bulk Waste Generators(BWGs) in India

Posted by Global technology interface on January 12, 2021

The waste management scenario in India as discussed in the previous blogs in the waste management series has highlighted the rate at which the waste is generated in India by different stakeholders. The more than 1.3 billion people in India generate the highest amount of waste in the world, surprisingly more that’s more than China which is the most populous country on this globe and it’s expected to increase substantially by 2050 unless urgent measures are not taken by different stakeholders. The Indian waste management market is witnessing a healthy growth rate, owing to the high population density and increased industrial activity and one of the sectors that have surged exponentially in its waste generation are the Bulk Waste Generators(BWGs) and the chain of hotels, restaurants, and cafes(HoReCa).

Hospitality sector food waste and HoReCa are fast becoming a key concern, given that its contribution to total food waste has been nearly 16% in the recent past. Furthermore, with the increasing trend of out-of-home dining, spurred by growth in incomes and tourism, hospitality waste has become a significant issue in the country. Waste management market of India is around $105 billion, while the Waste management market of HORECA in India $13 billion and is a sector that is pristine and not much has been explored and gives an immense potential. Going forward, circular economy concept is relatively new to India, but its gaining prominence. The Indian waste management industry offers huge potential, as only 30% of the 75% recyclable waste is being recycled currently. Shortage of proper policies for collection, disposal, and recycling and the lack of efficient infrastructure are few of the many reasons leading to poor waste management in the country.

Lately, many startups are coming up with innovative ideas to manage wastes, as well as convert them into valuable resources.  To address this issue, there are many start-ups in the Indian landscape that are providing an end to end integrated channel for HoReCa and BWGs for their waste segregation, tracking, collection, recovery, recycling and up-cycling. Some start-ups line ECOWRAP, Jaipur has a unique business model where they are incentivising waste generators for segregating waste at source, which helps in eliminating labour intensive task of waste segregation post its collection and the waste is sold directly to the recyclers.

There are several such start-ups that have been doing excellent work and are being lauded for their efforts. The need of the hour is to extend the reach and accessibility of start-ups like these so that more people become aware of how to deal with waste in a more sustainable manner.

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