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Posted by Global technology interface on February 16, 2022

Tech and Innovation to solve global and local challenges


Bringing innovation into the primary sector of the economy significantly boosts development and ensures technological advancements reach the bottom of the pyramid thereby creating a strong foundation.


With the growing importance of sustainable agriculture, tech for climate change mitigation and digitalization, different sectors need to evolve in line with the futuristic tomorrow. In the next 10 years, what are key areas of transformation?


The key areas for transformation in the various sectors of the economy can be identified through firstly extensive sectoral and market research and through needs assessment, followed by technology and innovation scouting. Selection and deployment This can be achieved through the following steps and implementing the same at a state or national level:


  • Carry out extensive research and prepare a fieldwork reports to understand the sector needs and the facilities that need to be addressed for the well being of the community.
  • Stakeholder Identification and Engagement - Mapping stakeholders, partner organizations & corporates and existing initiatives and programs and facilitating online meetings with the stakeholders to identify the potential issues.
  • Creating of Technology Working Group – Pool of experts to identify and select the appropriate technologies and develop a repository of technologies and rural projects
  • Prepare Needs Assessment and problem statements to understand the various technology interventions required
  • Launch an Innovation Call to identify a competitive pool of technologies and innovations that offer disruptive solutions focused on improving the sector or business activity

o   Companies or solution providers can register on Global Technology Interface™, using the following link ( and “Sign Up” as a “ Technology Displayer".

o     Once registered, they can apply for the call on the “Innovation Call” page.

o     Applicants will need to fill in the attached questionnaire to provide details about the company and the technology or service.

  • Identify solutions that can be deployed in the short term, medium-term and long-term deployment to empower the specific sectors in India and bridge the gaps between the opportunities and challenges
  • Selected technology companies/applicants need to be provided with support on the ground by a technology working group for the development of sustainable business models with the local ecosystem.

o   Plan a workshop and/or direct discussions with local stakeholders to present technologies and business models for deployment and explore, facilitate synergies

o   Engage with the tech companies and understand their deployment models in more detail and Identify support infrastructure (market analysis and business environment) to develop and implement viable business cases.

o   Investors need to be involved at this stage to mentor the technology and entrepreneurs to structure the financing/investment into these businesses based on the business models developed.


GBI has the expertise to scout for innovation, intellectual property (IP), technologies and/or solutions for governments, corporates and enterprises that are looking to improve their existing businesses or productivity. Through our Needs Assessment process, GBI can empower deployment ecosystem and governments to provide blueprints of their tech needs. The online technology platform, Global Technology Interface™ has the potential to showcase these needs and 1000s of tech to solve problems and connecting tech to local entrepreneurs/market/ecosystem to transform specific sectors. GBI can facilitate the scouting, identification and short listing of innovative start-ups, companies from India and around the world to address specific need of communities/sectors, corporates and governments, that can bring complementary technology solutions to support their objectives for strategic sector growth. GBI develops and implements the process seamlessly from Needs Assessment, Tech and Innovation scouting and access, Selection and B2B Matchmaking, Local Business Model development and capacity building of local/rural entrepreneurs, connecting to financing/investment, to deployment and financial returns.

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