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Posted by Global technology interface on August 31, 2021

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most prominent and fast-growing technological trends in the digital domain. It offers the most immediate opportunities for technology firms to generate business. AI has the potential to change the way we live, work and function in our day to day lives. Artificial intelligence refers to programmed algorithms that automatically parse and apply knowledge. AI empowers computers, machines and software to think and learn.

AI has penetrated almost every sector such as transportation, education, manufacturing, e-commerce, communication, sports, media, healthcare, politics and government, banking and finance, aerospace, and so much more. It is predicted to be the new future of work. The AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025, with global spending on cognitive and AI systems reaching over $57 billion in 2021.

Technology platforms that showcase emerging technologies have also seen a rise in technologies that use artificial intelligence. These technologies are from different sectors hence showing the influence of AI across several industries. GTI showcases the following AI-enabled technologies from various sectors:

Callerwise (Customer Service)

Callrwise is a state-of-the-art AI for call centres that provides deep insights from every customer call for effective journey mapping and optimised customer experience and business operations.


Features of Callerwise

  • Deliver real-time insights
  • Real-time Intelligence for conversational insight.
  • Robust API for Easy Integrations
  • Effective Data Visualization



Haris Digital OEE Operator (Manufacturing)

Haris Digital provides real-time, mission-critical digital manufacturing data collected from machines. Based on their customers' experience, this solution enables a 10-30% increase in production efficiency. The lightning-fast DIY installation and low monthly fees make it affordable and the best choice for SMEs.



  • Gives mission-critical, AI-assisted production data in real-time
  • Provides actionable insights based on historical machine cycle and downtimes
  • Helps to predict and prevent unexpected future downtimes
  • Improves and optimises manufacturing processes and boosts efficiency



Automatic Eye Screening (AES) (Healthcare)

Eye diseases like Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy and Cataract have made communities increasingly dependent. AES is an AI system to identify and output results on the stages of Diabetic retinopathy at the clinical level diagnostics using fundus images. The project has improved user data security of the end-to-end system via user validation, encryption and decryption technologies.


New Nordic School Educational System (Education)

The New Nordic School Educational System is a fully integrated interdisciplinary system that empowers students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their future. The Smart Learning Platform enables the delivery of future-ready, high-quality, and affordable education. This will include an educator’s platform that personalises lesson planning, self-evaluation and professional development, machine learning and AI that deliver personalisation and a student platform that provides a fully functional hybrid school.


Citispotter AI Content Assistant (Marketing)

Citispotter’s AI-powered content assistant helps content marketers to optimise content for emotional engagement and impactful language. The tool enables content creators and marketers to analyse the content in real-time on emotions and sentiments. The tool suggests what emotions are being invoked in the readers while reading the content. The tool helped marketers to understand the emotional quotient of the content and highlight emotions in specific sentences. Hence, marketers can analyse and tweak their content to target specific emotions in their audience.


BAAM (Real Estate)

BAAM utilises the technological advantages of combining blockchain technology, 3D scanning, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It will enable its users to buy NPL real estate assets globally without travelling, remove the administrative burden of acquiring real estate assets, and substantially reduce the time it takes to acquire a real estate asset.

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