The challenge of converting tech demand to real orders and deployment…..

Posted by Global technology interface on August 31, 2021

Several international tech companies want to come to India as they see or hear about the demand – they also sometimes participate in tenders, enter into discussions with interested partners, but the deal does not go through after 6-12 or months of discussions.

India needs more energy efficient products, more safer, environment friendly equipment – but for a variety of reasons orders don’t happen, deals don’t go through. This creates a block – of wasted resources and in time to market, time to uptake solutions that have socio-economic impacts.

We were speaking to an international company this week and they were seeking GBI’s help to “cross over” to close deals. I mentioned to them that consistency is key, relationship building on the ground in India is key – it may be harder if you deep dive for a deal and then disappear. Taking the time to show your local customers and partners you care for their success and being around consistently may help alleviate some of these challenges.

It is useful to have online platforms to be consistently connected and also local physical representation and support to build on local customer relationships.

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