Health, Sustainability, Digital Transformation – Time to be proactive and no time to waste

Posted by Global technology interface on January 12, 2021

While I start this new year feeling refreshed after celebrations with family and friends, my thoughts naturally flow to how Health, Sustainability and Digital solutions have taken over the global rhetoric. When I say global, I am thinking about the common man where discussions from living rooms to rural community meetings is all around how to take care of ones health, build immunity, live more sustainably, less is more and how we don’t need move around so much and have digital solutions to make our lives easier and more efficient. It drives me to feel hopeful and wish you all a fantastic New Year 2021.

Over the last 11 years – GBI evangelised, had stakeholder discussions between governments, corporates, investors, tech companies to scale access to tech and speed up deployment. And it took one year 2020 to bring those discussions from all over to our doorstep each day. Now people, companies, governments, investors, start-ups – are all taking ownership of these causes and making them into businesses with good returns. We call it the Fourth Sector now – businesses that have an impact and do the work that was traditionally being done by NGOs and governments. The thought always in my mind, is that we should make good, impact work profitable (sustainable) too so it can become business as usual for each one of us.

GBI has partnered with governments, corporates, accelerators, investors, tech companies and NGOs from around the world to catapult this growing interest and take global actions to the next level. Our team and offices now across the globe in India, Europe, UK, USA and SE Asia have taken the mission forward activating interest to move from just talk and discussions to real tangible action.

We hope you have enjoyed being a part of this this excitement and action via our programs, projects, blogs, social media and newsletter. We are immense grateful to our partners and team members as this is such a collaborative effort. We value the wonderful relationship and camaraderie we share with all of you.

2021 is certainly going to be filled with a lot more tangible action given your ongoing interest and participation, and we are looking forward to working with you to increase the speed and pace at which we scale tech access and deployment to solve global challenges.

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