GTI functions as an educational and knowledge sharing platform by regularly sharing information and news from the industry through the platform. It is also an open innovation platform where entities can identify customers, investors and partners for innovations in cleantech, biotech and ICT, across geographic boundaries.

Market Development / Market Access Programs play a critical role in international trade development and bilateral relations. India is projected to be one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and is well-positioned relative to its peers based on their real economic growth in 2022. India is the world's fourth-largest economy and has many growing sectors despite COVID-19.
GTI Premium services are for Technology Scouters looking for customised assistance in finding technology partners for collaborations or investments. Technology scouting processes help to search the market for external disruptive business opportunities. Our technology scouting platform that provides customised premium services can be pivotal for leveraging an effective innovation scouting process. GTI offers premium services such as curated technology scouting & open innovation challenges, in-depth technical analysis, workshops, pitch sessions and assistance with technology deployment.
GTI premium services for Technology Displayers is aimed at helping the Technology displayer companies, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, startups or R&D institutions in a comprehensive manner to deploy and validate their technology in a new market. Market research can identify how customers and potential customers might view your business and identify gaps in customer expectations. Having good market intelligence helps to minimise risks when making critical business decisions. We also offer deep market insights and assistance in finding the right partnerships in your target market.

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