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Posted by Global technology interface on January 03, 2022

Market Development / Market Access Programs play a critical role in international trade development and bilateral relations. India is projected to be one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and is well-positioned relative to its peers based on their real economic growth in 2022. India is the world's fourth-largest economy and has many growing sectors despite COVID-19.


Global Business Inroads (GBI) is an international business, technology and innovation management firm, headquartered in Bangalore, India, that is specialized in scaling technology market access and deployment. GBI today is a Centre to promote international tech, innovation and research in India. GBI is supporting companies in various capacities such as market research, viability assessments, co-product/solution development, market validation, development, piloting, connect with partners/investors to scale promotion, manufacturing and distribution, commercialization in India.


To help companies succeed, it is important to have a systematic process that takes them from connecting with potential partners, customers, manufacturers, distributors, investors, large corporates and other ecosystem players – to techno-commercial analysis and localization to pilot to commercialization. GBI has developed the Technology Management Interface (TMI) process to scale tech access and deployment. The Global Technology Interface (GTI ®) platform for companies, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, startups and R&D institutions showcases innovative technologies and facilitate collaborations in technology, science, research, and business on a global platform in a sustained manner. GTI also provides value added services for companies who wants to showcase their technology and access new markets.


GTI aids in accessing the global market through its technology showcase, market validation, discovery and commercialization programs. GTI helps to display, discover, develop and deploy technology in a global market.


Technology Showcase


Display the technology


Discover the technology seekers



Market Validation


Market research and Customer Identification- Understanding the needs of the market, competition and identifying customers


Identification of local use cases and project opportunities in the relevant sectors


Technology viability assessment and feasibility studies


Ecosystem development



Market Discovery and Visit


Connect and facilitate meetings with potential partners and customers





Local representation in India


Technology Indigenization (bill of materials, supply chain, pricing), IP Management


Business analytics & strategy; Business Model Development


Technology demonstration and deployment, Finance and Investment Advisory, Company Incorporation and Government Liaison



GBI has also launched a Global Tech Experience Centre to access to physical demonstration, piloting and use cases in India. It is a physical space to showcase technology/innovation. The objective of this is to get Indian users/customers to experience the technology, provide use cases in partnership with the public and private sector for tech demo and mentorship and advisory services to improve / indigenize technology and business models. GBI also offers value added services such as


Idea validation


Market access Boot camps


Technology pitch events


Access to innovation calls & challenges from corporate and government


Accelerator Programs - India market development programs, international market access missions


Access to capital




Start-ups, and particularly growth-stage companies with international aspirations, should keep looking out for such market development programs, as it gives an instant and tremendous boost to your efforts. It opens up doors that otherwise take time to crack open. Govts, start-ups, investors, corporate customers in India and globally have realised the potential of well-designed market access programmes and they are working with established names in the industry to build customised market access programmes both inbound and outbound.


Please contact us at if you would like to learn more about the program and if you are interested in accessing the Indian market.

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