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Posted by Global technology interface on October 09, 2021

GTI Premium services are for Technology Scouters looking for customised assistance in finding technology partners for collaborations or investments. Technology scouting processes help to search the market for external disruptive business opportunities. Our technology scouting platform that provides customised premium services can be pivotal for leveraging an effective innovation scouting process. GTI offers premium services such as curated technology scouting & open innovation challenges, in-depth technical analysis, workshops, pitch sessions and assistance with technology deployment.


Technology Scouting / Open Innovation challenges:

By strategically identifying partnership and opportunities with technologies available in the market, companies can ensure their offerings are responsive to changing customer demands. Technology Scouters can scout for partners, innovation, intellectual property (IP), technologies and/or solutions to improve your existing businesses or productivity. 


Technology Scouting:

Scouting and identification of 5 technology companies | Timeline – 1 month | Cost - $2,500

GTI will assist in scouting and identification of technologies that will meet your specific business requirements.


Open Innovation Challenge:

Drafting and launching of scouting / open innovation challenge | Global promotion of the challenge | Timeline – 3 months | Cost - $10,000

GTI will host an open innovation challenge where innovative technology providers can apply to be considered for pitching to your company in order to find the right partner for your business innovation needs. 


Additional Value-added services

  • Benchmarking and comparative analysis to provide recommendations: Provide an in-depth analysis by benchmarking the final list of shortlisted companies

       Cost - $3,500

  • Employee engagement – workshops on Open Innovation: Workshops to build the capacities for leadership teams which will consist of design thinking workshops, presentation of use cases to startups, Technology transfer Ecosystem development for technology deployment and startup mentorship

        Cost – $5,000

  • Facilitation of Technology pitch Sessions: facilitate the organization of 2day pitch events where startups can physically interact with leadership teams

       Cost – $7,000

  • Support with Technology deployment: support with the organisation on a continuous basis to ensure the technology product / service is deployed sustainably


Timeline and cost will be based on the scope of work.


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