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Posted by Global technology interface on June 28, 2021

GTI premium services for Technology Displayers is aimed at helping the Technology displayer companies, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, startups or R&D institutions in a comprehensive manner to deploy and validate their technology in a new market. Market research can identify how customers and potential customers might view your business and identify gaps in customer expectations. Having good market intelligence helps to minimise risks when making critical business decisions. We also offer deep market insights and assistance in finding the right partnerships in your target market.


Market insights and Technology Validation report – Customised for your technology and target market


1. Market Insight report 

Timeline – 15 days | Report length – 6-8 pages | Cost - $1,000

Market insight is discovering a relevant, actionable and previously unrealized reality about a target market as the result of deep, subjective data analysis. Understanding the market aims to benefit both parties, meeting your target audience's actual needs and wants while simultaneously profiting. The market insight report will consist of the generic view of the market, technology, local policies, and the product's viability in the market.

2. Detailed Market Insight and technology validation report

Timeline – 1 month | Report length – 15-20 pages | Cost - $3,000 

Detailed market insight & technology validation offers more extensive research into the target market & how technology, if deployed, will perform in the market. The detailed market insight report will consist of Market analysis, technology validation, competitor analysis, Primary research feedback from the market about the product, Stakeholder identification, Market entry strategy, Local policies and barriers to the product or technology and recommendations in depth. 

3. Custom Market Insight and technology validation report 

Timeline and cost will be based on the scope of work

This service is for displayers who want detailed information regarding a specific aspect or aspects of their target market or technology deployment. This custom market insight report will consist of different aspects of the Detailed Market Insight that the customer can pick and choose per his convenience and requirement. The customer can add or remove as per the market insight that he requires and suitable for his understanding. The pages and the price can differ as per the options chosen.


Ask us for additional details. 


Partner/Customer/Investor Connects


Finding the right partners is one of the biggest challenges companies or startups face when entering new markets. We know that for many businesses, particularly SMEs, not knowing how to enter a global market successfully is also the number one reason international growth opportunities are left unexplored. So as part of our premium services, we offer technology displayers customised solutions and support for finding the right partners, customers and investors through the following services.


1. Identification and facilitation of meetings with potential partners/customers/ investors 

5 curated connections and meetings-   $ 5000 | 10 curated connections and meetings – $ 10,000 

In case of higher requirements please reach out to us directly

GTI will help you find the right partner by understanding your requirements and curating one-on-one connections and business meetings with potential partners, customers or investors.

2. Local Representation and/or Follow up support with deal making

Daily man day cost - $ 300 / day | Monthly cost - $4,000

GTI will act as your local representative and provide support and assistance required for the deal making with potential partners, customers or investors. 


Additional customized services for market access:


  • Identifying pilot project
  • Local business model development
  • Commercialization strategy
  • Market entry strategy 



Timeline and cost will be based on the scope of work.

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