GBI Bridge edition 1: Presenting EU tech start-ups to Indian use cases and market opportunities, Date 7th March 2019.

Global Business Inroads (GBI), launched a series of online and offline events called the GBI Bridge that was hosted at our Global Technology Experience Centre (GTEC), Bangalore, which will brought together the technology deployment ecosystem (Pilot + Scale-up)

In our first edition we providing a platform for two of the European start-ups we are mentoring and supporting for India market access, to showcase their technologies and services:

They aim to develop a monitoring service that allows the creation of data repositories relating to the quality of air.

They are specialized in developing innovative industrial asset condition monitoring solutions, focusing on the latest IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies.

The GTEC’s are designed to be living labs for startups to demonstrate and deploy technology by offering entrepreneurs, startups, SME’s and companies the opportunity to physically showcase and pilots new technologies to use cases in India. The GTEC will also provide incubation and mentoring services, access use cases, innovation calls and commercialization services. Global Technology Experience Centre (GTEC) is located at our Bengaluru office (HQ): Golden Square 53/A16 C Main, 4th Block, Koramangala, 560034.

Participants included global innovation ecosystem players, Indian ecosystem players with an interest in learning about new innovative technologies from around the world, Indian start-ups, SMEs, corporates that are seeking technology partnerships.

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