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The Global Technology Interface®

The Global Technology Interface® ( GTI ®) is an online platform for companies, entrepreneurs, MSMEs, startups and R&D institutions to showcase innovative technologies and facilitate collaborations in technology, science, research, and business on a global platform in a sustained manner. GTI® functions as a global market place where biotech, clean-tech and ICT entities can identify partners, investors and customers across geographic boundaries.

Entities joining the GTI® platform can take advantage of the following features -

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Technology Showcase

Dedicated virtual display space where technology companies can show case products, solutions and other display materials with the aim of deriving interest from other visitors to the platform.

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Technology Discovery

Interested parties can discover new international technologies, partners, customers and investors, participate in podcasts by experts, companies and researchers.

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Global Marketplace

The platform will act as a global marketplace for businesses, researchers to reach partners and end customers. The "Connect" feature allows a Technology Scouter to connect with a Technology Displayer and vice versa. These connects can be mentored by GTI® tech management team for collaboration if required by both parties.

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Technology Pitch Sessions

The GTI® team will organize technology pitch (physical and virtual) sessions where researchers, business groups, entrepreneurs and startups will have the opportunity to present their innovations to global market players including corporates and investors

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Collaborative Research and Development

GBI will facilitate collaborations and support in developing a consortium with global research ecosystems.

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Technology Intelligence Nucleus

The GTI® platform will be the library for innovation, knowledge, events and information exchange on sustained and real time basis.

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Technology Enabler (School)

GTI® will provide an education platform for students and researchers to be up to date on the latest innovative work happening in their fields of study.

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Technology Management Unit

GTI® will be monitored by a team of experts to manage business deals and research collaborations. They will also provide additional value added services.

Who should leverage GTI®?


Clusters, Accelerators, Incubators, universities, research institutes

  • Access to GTI® and to showcase technologies.
  • Scout for research collaborations, bi/multi lateral research calls.
  • Promote open innovation projects/calls/challenges through global networks.
  • Promote annual programs and events: like exhibitions, seminars, conferences, webinars and pitch sessions to propagate the benefits of their regions, companies and ecosystem.
  • Promote internationalization of companies, technologies, products from their regions.



  • Access to GTI® and to showcase/scout for technologies.
  • Scout for research collaborations, bi/multi lateral research calls.
  • Promote open innovation projects/calls/challenges through global networks.
  • Direct access to pre-verified entities such as other companies, universities etc. involved with technology
  • Opportunities to potentially look for investments or to invest in other technology entities.


Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Investors

  • Access to GTI® to showcase technologies.
  • Apply to open innovation projects/calls/challenges through global networks.
  • Access to global technology innovations.
  • Scout for business opportunities in new markets.
  • Scout for research collaborations, bi/multi lateral research calls.
  • Direct access to pre-verified entities such as companies, universities etc. involved with technology
Value Added Services

Entering a new and dynamic market like India requires a sustained effort and presence; entrepreneurs and SMEs will need to adhere to a very structured approach to be successful and have a sustained market presence in India. India being a very cost sensitive market, looks for high value products at low (optimal) costs. Economies of scale play a huge role in driving down costs as well indigenization of the technology and adopting local supply chains. Cost Optimization for the Indian market is key. Hence local business models will need to be developed which analyses and prepares for optimal costs. This does not have to mean lower profits. Company should develop a strong customer focus, understand how much the customer is willing to pay and the volume of customer base, policy framework and tax structures, etc to develop a localized business model that balances between cost and profits. The commercialization strategy for India needs to be inclusive and considerate of the nature of Indian demand. There are two main strategies most international entrepreneurs and SMEs tend to adopt based on the in-depth understanding of the India market: a non-equity based strategy which includes direct selling / export and contractual agreements or an equity based strategy that includes joint venture, subsidiary or by acquisition of an India company. In order to reach this decision entrepreneurs and SMEs will need to pass through various stages from discovery to deployment they can engage at any stage based on their current readiness and capacity to enter a new market.

International market access services include - 

Market Analysis: GBI provides valuable information for entrepreneurs and SMEs to look at short term objectives such at understanding the size and nature of the market, how they will need to position their technology or service, regulatory issues and the cultural influences of the local ecosystem. Market Validation: GBI facilitates very structure market research and validation trips of the target market for entrepreneurs and SMEs spanning over a week to 10 days to meet with pre-qualified leads, with key stakeholders encompassing the entire ecosystem required for technology deployment in the target market. Partner/Investor/Customer connects: GBI helps identify the right Partner/Investor/Customer or R&D collaborator or help set up local operations/ subsidiary in India.

Business Analytics and Strategy: GBI assist with the detailed analytics includes techno-commercial feasibilities, revenue projections, marketing and sales strategies and the regulatory and IPR aspects. Technology Representation: GBI can appoint a local technology manager who will represent the interests of the entrepreneurs or SMEs in India, who on a part time or full time basis can provide real time feedback on how the technology or product can be positioned in the Indian market. Feasibility Studies: GBI will undertake technical feasibility studies in conjunction with local partners to test the viability of the technology product or service, assess potential risks and specific scenarios to investigate a variety of ways of organizing the business and positioning the product or service. Technology Indigenization: Technology or products companies will also need to look into indigenizing some of the key aspects such a local supply chain and sourcing, costing and pricing strategies as well operations and maintenance strategies. IP Support and Management: GBI provides patent protection services for setting entitles looking to setup local operations in India, the options include, partnership, joint venture or setting up local subsidiary in India.

Technology Demonstration and Development: GBI assist with the validation of the performance of the technology product or service under local conditions using local inputs and data, technology needs to be demonstrated or piloted possibly with the help of local partners. Technology Commercialization and Financial Advisory: GBI assists with the seeking of grants and funding through various multilateral and bilateral developmental agencies, national and local government?s source, equity and debt funding sources available to scale up operations. Liaison with Local Ecosystem: One of the key aspects for sustainable growth in India is developing an ecosystem for technology deployment which includes engaging with the community, effectively liaisoning with the government, academia and the industry, GBI will help develop and liaise with the local eco system.

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Global Business Inroads International Business Consultants Private Limited (GBI) was founded in 2009 and is a boutique international technology management consulting entity with expertise in technology transfer and project management focusing on the clean-tech, life sciences and ICT sectors. We also develop programs and ecosystems for international technology transfer, climate change mitigation and social impact. GBI has supported over 200 Institutions, SMEs and start-ups from around the world in various capacities.

The platform will be managed by GBI to ensure proper due diligence of companies entering the platform and also ensure that connections made are based on mutual interests. This direct management is the niche feature of the GTI® platform and is the key differentiator from other similar platforms.

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